The Lion and the Unicorn

by Robin Hawdon
with star casting to be announced

“We are on the brink of the greatest tempest in history… and history often turns on one man’s decision.”

Winston Churchill, The Lion and the Unicorn

On the evening of 13th October 1939, six weeks after war has been declared on Hitler’s Germany, Winston Churchill and Neville Chamberlain, opponents for years, meet together with their wives, Clementine and Anne, for a private dinner.

Prime Minister Chamberlain has seen all his efforts to negotiate peace with Hitler shattered. Churchill has been recalled to the cabinet after ten years, his dire warnings of the Nazi threat vindicated.

History tells us this was the only time the four ever met alone together socially. There is no official record as to what transpired during that unique evening…

“Winston, this is our problem – I would pacify Hitler, you would provoke him.”

“Yes Neville, that is our problem. A wolf in a cage you may pacify. A wolf on the prowl you must shoot!”

Robin Hawdon’s compelling new play is by turns epic and intimate, dramatic and moving, and never less than enthralling throughout.

From the creator of the hit plays God and Stephen Hawking and A Night In Provence, Crime And Comedy Theatre Company are delighted to present the very first production of this fascinating drama.

The Lion and the Unicorn will be touring the UK in autumn 2024

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