by Robin Hawdon

Directed by Louise Jameson

(Bergerac, Tenko, EastEnders, Doctor Who)

“A taut thriller full
of twists and turns”

The Stage

Bill Crayshaw MP leads a charmed life, hailed in the corridors of Parliament, lauded in business, and loved at home. That is until he returns from a business trip to find his party agent has been killed in a terrible, tragic accident – or was it?

Mary Stewart isn’t so sure and arrives at his door asking some awkward questions – in reality, is his success founded on murder, corruption and double-dealing?

But how does she know so much about his private life – a jealous journalist peddling seedy lies? This one seems prepared to go to extraordinary lengths to ensure his political, business and personal lives are ruined. Is her motive journalism, blackmail, seduction… or revenge?

As the tension mounts and suspense increases, shots ring out and the initial game of cat and mouse turns into a deadly battle, twisting and turning between truth and lies to reach a thrilling climax that will keep audiences guessing until the final curtain!

Revenge toured the UK from
Saturday 8th February until Saturday 14th March 2020
and Thursday 17th March until Saturday 9th April 2022

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